Sudah Coba Kopi Luwak


Selamat hari Jumat! Civet Coffee or we called it Kopi Luwak, this is wild luwak beans which is very limited, the last cup today at Kopi Sufi. Wild Coffee Luwak is 2 Dirham per cup or IDR 80K at Kopi Sufi.

In the past 10 years, kopi luwak has won the hearts and wallets of global consumers. A cup sells for $30 to $100 in New York City and London, while 1 kg of roasted beans can fetch as much as $130 in Indonesia and five times more overseas. The ultimate in caffeine bling is civet coffee packed in a Britannia-silver and 24-carat gold-plated bag, sold at the British department store Harrods for over $10,000.


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